• May 31

When You Should Go for A New Website Design and How to Get an Effective One.

Are you looking for modification in your website design? Well, with a little research and effort you can get a brand-new site and that pays off really good. However, the most common problem is, many businesses face anxiety when it’s time to take a twist into the business site and or time for a complete renovation. In here, today I am going to share a few and very important points as the key warning factors that it’s time to redesign and you should go for a complete website revamp for your business.

If you want to have a good online brand reputation and customer engagement, you must be attentive to some of the goal-oriented techniques like AMP (Accelerated Mobiles Pages) and energize your old pages continuously. Think if you are in a situation when your current website is just unadorned bad, your contents that are filled with outdated or unengaging, then its obvious that you won’t simply achieve the desired results throughout your website you want.

Before moving forward to consider redesigning your existing website design, you should answer the following questions as they will definitely help you to figure out the particular areas where you should focus more and work in order to make a highly results-driven website.

  • Is your website having an unfriendly feel, or poorly designed?
  • Has your website content placed/managed properly?
  • Do your potential audience spend time on your website?
  • Are you getting the desired traffic that is relevant?
  • Have you used the correct platform to build your website?
  • Does your website contain technical errors/issues?
  • Is it compatible with the modern and updated technologies?
  • Is it easily accessible, responsive and user-friendly?

Once your complete research done with the above questions, now you are having an in-depth idea on the various factors of your website, there are many elements to focus on in order to stand out from the crowd in the online race. However, follow the below-mentioned tricks that will help you achieve more leads and bring rapid success to your brand.

Most Important! Is your website not Mobile Responsive? Make it Responsive

A responsive website is a website design that allows your website to adapt to the size of any screen it is being viewed on. So, it could be perfectly viewed on a desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or a tablet etc. and the users won’t ‘’notice any difference’’ in your site’s over-all appearance on their screen. Unquestionably, mobile marketing has been on the fire rise for years. Nowadays mobile marketing is no longer an option, it’s a must for every website and business.

With the rapid rise in the use of mobile devices and the popularity of mobile phones! You’d be doing your business future a huge damage if your website is not designed to respond and adjust to mobile and various size screen devices.

Drawbacks of not having a Mobile Responsive Design:

The answer is quite simple as it’s not 1999 anymore, we all are in a world of rapidly growing internet technology where internet users spend 73% of their time on mobile smartphones on average. So, if you want to get success in your business then you should learn the behavior trends of the potential audience and drive them to your business.

According to a recent update by various web research, approximately 49% of users say they won’t love to be dealing with an online business that has a poorly-designed and unresponsive mobile site.

Furthermore, according to Google, 63% of users do not return to a business website they have used once and faced trouble accessing the mobile site. From them, approximate 60% of the users switch to a competitor’s site as an alternative. So, it’s simply not just you are losing your potential customers but you are pushing them to go and engage in your competitors' site.

Is your Site Loading Slow, You Should Consider Optimize or Website Redesign!

If there is high bounce rate you experience for your website, then it’s nothing but a slow website load time. Loading speed of the website is a great factor that can have a huge impact on your online business. Website visitors are far less likely to return subjected to your slow loading website and that direct obstacle to your website’s success! And it’s not a good practice for your business.

Nowadays search engine giant Google also calculates loading speed of your website as a ranking factor. According to the latest survey conducted, almost 50% of internet users expect to switch a website that takes less than four seconds to load, and they lose interest in the sites that take a slight increase in time to load the web page and abandon the site immediately.

The situation gets worse when it’s come to an e-commerce website as more than 80% of online buyers won’t return to an online store or brand to buy again that face trouble in loading the website.

Finally, go for a website loading speed check-up with tools such as Google Page Speed Calculator and Web Page Test. You’ll also want to consider to scope out the competition and ensure you’re not falling behind. If your competitor has updated its site recently and you haven’t, it is a clear alarming sign for your business to upgrade your website with modern look and features.

Is your website having easy information reach?

A website with less easily accessible information like contact details, frequently asked questions, call to action, order facility, product/service specification, etc... always has a bad experience in conversion rate.

Add Request info, Easy Access Contact Details, business Map Location, Live Chat, and many more features into your new design that really fruitful to your business and help in hike your business level. At last, I would like to simplify the importance of having a good business website. As the website is digital face of your business online with the primary purpose to represent your brand in the best possible manner to the audience through web world. Also, you want to attract visitors and their attention on your business with a good feedback level that you and your business deserve. Your website should be fully responsive, easy to navigate and straightforward to create a positive experience in your online visitors and build a bridge between their requirements and your business that will make them use your site again and again.

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