Cross-Platform Apps Construct an Easy Way For the Industries

Various mobile platforms drive to build & maintain the mobile apps for each possible platform for the business. Developing the native apps directly leads to an increased cost. Cross-platform apps construct an easy way for the industries to spend in a framework that reduces the efforts. For the time as well as cost-effective app solutions, mobile app developers go with the cross-platform development. TechTSS acquires experts who have the best knowledge of various web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript. Ember.js, Xamarin, Angular.js, PhoneGap, jQuery, SproutCore, and Sencha are the HTML5 based frameworks that are used to develop the apps that work across all devices as per to meet the various needs.

Know The Requirements Of Your Business and Develop App Accordingly

Our innovative and years of experience app developers at TechTSS keen to understand the market requirements and designs the best possible mobile strategy for businesses that can raise the brand value and awesome user experience. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise skills in phone gap and cross-platform development combine highly research of business uprights, ensuring exact implementation path for our clients business success.

One Mobile App For Multi-Platforms

We deliver mobile apps for multi-platforms by writing code once and making it work on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile platforms. TechTSS obtains cross-platform app development to the next level with PhoneGap toolset, third-party tools, plugins and the framework built-in SDKs. Our cross-platform mobile

apps for a wide range of mobile devices and platforms help to build apps that are coded once and runs on multiple mobile platforms, helping our clients to get an app developed in lesser cost and time-frame for their business as per their various requirements.

Your ideas & various business application needs can be easily transformed into featured apps. We are a web technology partner flexible enough to form the strong & scalable mobile apps for faster growing business needs of our clients.

Our Application Development Features

Cost-Effective Solution

As we write code once on PhoneGap via web technologies and install the same on multiple platforms so you no need to pay for app development for each mobile platform separately.

Quick Market Raising Time

we recommend building your business apps using PhoneGap development framework for the projects where the speed of development is of high importance for clients.

PhoneGap UI

By using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript web technologies our designers bring off the best UI experience for clients and delivering beautiful apps that end-user love.

We Are Honest & Hard Working Team

We believe, the team you hire for your business can make or break your future!